FR Christmas Ghosts ebook cover webFor this week’s podcast we are pleased to be able to tease you with a sampling from the upcoming fourth volume of Fiction River: Christmas Ghosts, which will release in print and ebook on October 15. This audio sample is the short story “The Ghost of Willow’s Past” by M.L. Buchman, and will be available for your listening pleasure for the next week.

M.L. Buchman is one of those overnight sensations whose night lasted decades before his work came to the attention of readers. He’s published in a variety of genres under several names. But M.L. Buchman is the one that took off. In the past year, his fantastic military romances have become extremely popular and critically acclaimed. Booklist named The Night is Mine one of the top ten romances of the year, and NPR called I Own The Dawn one of the top five romances of the year.
Like Lisa Silverthorne, Matt also chose the Pacific Northwest as the setting for his story. “The Ghost of Willow’s Past” takes place in Portland, Oregon. To tell much more about the story will spoil its delicate beauty. So without further ado, I’ll let you delve into this sweet romantic tale.

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