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Helping authors learn the craft and the business of fiction writing

Many people know WMG Publishing for its great fiction, including the fantastic Fiction River anthology series, which features stories by more than one hundred different authors and counting; the highly acclaimed Kris Nelscott mystery novels; Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s groundbreaking Retrieval Artist novels; Dean Wesley Smith’s innovative magazine project, Smith’s Monthly; and so much more.

WMG Publishing also publishes a series of nonfiction books on the business of being a freelance artist in today’s world, including the massive must-read industry bible, The Freelancer’s Survival Guide, and the WMG Writers Guide series.

But WMG Publishing also has a side to it that many writers know about, but many readers and fans do not. That side is the online workshops and lectures.

WMG Publishing offers more than twenty different video lectures on the business and craft of fiction writing, and about the same number of online six-week video workshops.

The video lectures are available any time and can be watched again as needed. And new lectures are being posted every month or so.

The six-week online workshops cycle through ten different topics each month. Each workshop is limited to twelve writers, and each member of the workshop gets personal feedback from instructor Dean Wesley Smith on five different assignments over the six weeks.

That might sound like a lot of time to commit to a workshop, but they actually are designed to only take a writer about four hours per week at most.

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