Fate’s not what it used to be. Just ask Oedipus or Shakespeare or Batgirl.

Thanks to the greatest minds of the 18th century, the average Joe can no longer blame The Powers That Be and The Universe for his problems. A man’s fate rests entirely in his own mortal hands.

Or so Travers Kinneally believes until his sister asks him to drive three strange women to Las Vegas where he meets a beautiful detective named Zoe.

Zoe knows more about Fate than she cares to since she’s been running from a prophecy most of her very long life. She knows she’s in trouble from the moment Travers appears because he has no idea what he’s dealing with.

In Absolutely Captivated by Kristine Grayson, Zoe and Travis face magic and the kind of trouble that might get them killed.

Take a peek inside the second volume in The Fates Trilogy by Kristine Grayson: