Sometimes it goes like this:

1. Inspiration strikes: We fall in love with a cool idea.
2. Implementation: This phase can take a minute or years, but if we love the idea, the story or the business venture enough, we make it work. Eventually.
3. Complications ensue: Fact of life — nothing ever goes smoothly. We all have way too much experience in this phase. In fact, sometimes it seems as if we never get OUT of this phase.
4. The way out: It’s always there even if it takes a whack upside the head to see it.
5.  New landscape: Things look different on the other side.

Artistic Photographs

So you have this cool idea: be a photographer.
Great. Make it happen.
Complications ensue when:

A. You live in the Old West.
B. You must convince the town fathers that it’s your husband who is the photographer because who would believe that a woman could deal with all those nasty chemicals. Ick!
C. Your darling husband is one big bundle of complications all on his own. But he is so adorable…

Meet Rosalind in Artistic Photographs by Kristine Grayson.


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