MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US AT WMG. And for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas–Happy Holidays, or, failing that, Happy Wednesday.

Regardless of your day’s plans, we have a gift for you. One that we think will just plain make you merry.

It has been a busy year in the audio department. Here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned:

  • Accents can be tricky.
  • Narrators like to make up new words.
  • Starting over is easy to do…again…and again…and…
  • Spit happens.
  • SSSs are even more tricky than accents.
  • Punctuation?
  • Narration is harder than it looks…or sounds.

We hope you enjoy listening to our goofs, blunders and audio missteps of 2013.

(NSFW:  language)