If you could invent a time travel machine, would you? A no-DeLoreans-required gizmo that actually worked?

Last Car for this TimeOur final story podcast for 2013 introduces Bonnie and Duster Kendal who did just that–constructed a time machine–only theirs is tucked safely inside a mountain in Idaho.

Of course, complications ensue, but Duster and Bonnie’s story doesn’t end here. The creative couple appear in Thunder Mountain, a novel you can read in Smith’s Monthly #2 and which will be released on its own in January, and in Monumental Summit, a subsequent novel that will appear in the upcoming Smith’s Monthly #4 and will be released on its own in March.

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year. We’ll be back next year with a new slate of stories.


This podcast is no longer available. You can listen to the current podcast here.

You can read “Last Car for this Time,” a Duster Kendal story here.