Five Female Sleuths ebook cover webSimple math.

Word problems.

Familiar phrases that still make me sweat even though I escaped elementary school a long time ago.  You remember the kind, right?

“The blue train leaves Kansas City at 2 pm traveling at a rate of 50 mph. The red train leaves Dallas at 3 pm traveling at 60 mph…”

Thankfully, the only such conundrum on tap this week is a nifty one to kick off the New Year:  “Discovery,” written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The story is from her collection, Five Female Sleuths.

Welcome to 2014 and a story where simple questions lead to surprising answers, with no math required.


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“Discovery” is included in the collection, Five Female Sleuthsavailable in ebook and trade paperback, and can also be found as a stand alone story in ebooks format at your favorite retailer.