Some days the notion of living forever sounds way cool; others–you gotta be kidding.

forever that includes migraines, the awful neighbor upstairs, your uncle’s bad breath, not to mention countless years in which every tiny regret and sorrow piles one on top of the other until…

Well, you get the picture.

Who’d want that? It’s meh at best, horrific at worst.

So erase all that and bring on the science fiction writer–someone whose imagination is primed to roll out a different view of forever.

I’m talking about Steven Mohan, Jr., the writer responsible for today’s story podcast, “Hot Jupiters.” It’s from Fiction River:  MoonscapesSteve’s future universe is as familiar as a sleepy Sunday morning and as unique as a hot Jupiter.


This podcast is no longer available. To hear the current podcast, please click here.

You can read “Hot Jupiters” by Steven Mohan, Jr.,  in Fiction River:  Moonscapes which is available in ebook and trade paperback at your favorite retailer.