FR Special Crime ebook cover webWhat do you get when you combine:

*    maps
*    a serial killer
*    a blonde
*    more maps
*    jokers

Blond, card-playing serial killers?

Blond jokers trying to find serial killers?

A serial killer who needs a map to find a blonde?

I give up.

One of the (many) cool things about Fiction River is the sheer variety found within the pages. Case in point, this week’s story, “Jokers,” by M. Elizabeth Castle.

It’s a crime story, natch, because it’s from Fiction River Special Edition:  Crime, but it’s also about maps and a serial killer and a blonde.

So where do the jokers fit in?

You’ll have to listen to find out. If you’re like me, this particular kind of joker will be something you’ve never heard of before, and a cool thing. But then, it’s Fiction River we’re talking about, so it goes with the territory.


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You can read “Jokers” by M. Elizabeth Castle in Fiction River Special Edition:  Crime which is available in ebook, trade paperback and audiobook at your favorite retailer.