Superheroes. They permeate our culture. They represent all of our hopes that good will prevail over evil. And so often, in reality, evil triumphs, at least temporarily. But in superhero fantasy, the good guy will inevitably be there to save the day.

Superheroes become part of our consciousness very early on. My daughter was only two when she started talking about Spider-Man, who it seems is still her favorite superhero. I’ve no idea why, because I’m not sure how she even found out who he is, but she thinks he’s the bomb. In fact, when I showed her a photo of an adorable little girl in a Supergirl costume that I’d taken at Cherry City Comic-Con, she said she wanted a Spider-Man costume instead. So, Spider-Man it is.

My favorite superhero growing up is a tie between Superman and Wonder Woman. I loved Superman (Christopher Reeve’s Superman, to be specific) because my mom loved him. We watched the movie many times. There was something about the actor that made Superman come alive as more than just a character. It had a lot to do with Reeve’s character, I’m sure, as watching him in his final years, a superhero confined to a wheelchair, left no doubt that he would fight for his cause until his dying breath—which he did.

I loved Wonder Woman because she kicked ass. She was strong, fearless. She had cool accessories, like her wrist cuffs and her lasso (and who doesn’t want an invisible plane?). Plus, she was on Underoos, and I wanted Underoos badly. I was five when they first hit the market (they were discontinued last year), and in the late ’70s you didn’t really ask for boy underwear. So, Wonder Woman it was.

Superheroes come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They have a wide variety of powers, from Superman’s alien powers to Batman’s gadget-driven ones. They form groups, like the Justice League and Superfriends. And sometimes, they meet high above the casinos of Las Vegas in a floating clubhouse.

Meet Poker Boy, the clever creation (and a superhero) of USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith. Dean has written about Poker Boy for some time. His stories have been printed in major anthologies, as standalones, and within the pages of Fiction River and Smith’s Monthly. And now, we bring you his first full-length novel featuring the origin story of Smith’s most popular character from a series Amazing Stories says “is unlike anything else out there. It’s quirky and a lot of fun.”

The Slots of Saturn takes place in 2004, the last year the World Series of Poker took place at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Poker Boy meets the love of his life and forms the team of superheroes and gods that will save the world many times over in the coming years.

But first, he and his new team must save all of gambling, and more than fifty lives, from the evil ghost slots. And not get killed in the process.

The Slots of Saturn introduces the captivating and clever Gambling Universe, where Lady Luck actually exists, the gods employ superheroes, and high-stakes humor often saves the day

If you’ve read about Poker Boy before, this novel will help answer some of those questions you might have had about the team. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. And that’s no gamble.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.