Many people know WMG Publishing for its fantastic Fiction River anthology series with more than eighty different authors, or the great Kris Nelscott mystery novels, or the Kristine Kathryn Rusch groundbreaking Retrieval Artist novels, or my strange and fun Smith’s Monthly project.

WMG Publishing also does a series of nonfiction books on the business of being a freelance artist in our world, including the massive must-read industry bible, The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.

But WMG Publishing also has a side to it that many writers know about, but not many readers or fans have heard of. That side is the online workshops and lectures.

At the moment, WMG Publishing has twenty-two different video lectures on the business and craft of fiction writing, and seventeen online six-week video workshops.

The video lectures are available any time you would like and you can return to the lecture over and over as you need. And new lectures are being posted most every month.

The six-week online workshops cycle through ten different workshops each month. WMG limits each workshop to twelve writers and each member of the workshop gets personal feedback from me on five different assignments over the six weeks.

Sounds like a lot of time to commit to a workshop, but writers will spend only four hours per week at most.

The October workshops that are taking sign-ups now are:


Class #21… Oct 6th … How to Write a Thriller

Class #22… Oct 6th … How to Write Series Novels

Class #23… Oct 6th … Genre Structure

Class #24… Oct 6th … Character Voice/Setting

Class #25… Oct 7th … Pitches and Blurbs

Class #26… Oct 7th … Depth in Writing

Class #27… Oct 7th … How to Write Science Fiction

Class #28… Oct 8th … Pacing Your Novel

Class #29… Oct 8th … Cliffhangers

Class #30… Oct 8th … Productivity


For full workshop descriptions and more information as well as upcoming workshops in November and December, please go to

This month is the second-year anniversary of starting the online workshops, and everyone at WMG Publishing is proud of the knowledge that writers get from the various workshops and lectures. We hope to add in more workshops as time goes by to keep them fresh and informative to those trying to learn the craft and the business of fiction writing.

There is one more very special thing going on with the online workshops in October.

Since WMG Publishing is doing a subscription drive for Fiction River through Kickstarter (you can get the details at ), everyone at WMG Publishing thought it would be fun to combine the workshops and the subscription drive.

So, if you sign up for an October online workshop, you get your choice of three electronic volumes of published Fiction River anthologies or a three-volume electronic subscription as part of the deal.

You can also give the workshop as a gift to a writer friend, or the subscription as a gift to a favorite reader friend.

So now the news about the WMG Publishing online workshops and lectures is out there. After two successful years of doing the workshops and lectures, we figured it was time to let people know that WMG Publishing had yet another side to it.

A wonderful side dedicated to helping improve the craft and business of fiction writers from all over the world.

For full information, go to

Hope to see you in a workshop down the road.

Dean Wesley Smith is a USA Today bestselling author, instructor, and facilitator for the WMG Publishing online workshops and lectures.