I’ve been talking a great deal about the Retrieval Artist series lately, especially the Anniversary Day Saga, and for good reason. When you release this many books in this short a timespan, that’s big news in the publishing industry.

And although we’re giving a lot of love to the Saga, we haven’t forgotten about the original books in the series. And we’re showing you, dear readers, some love in return with a great deal.

The Disappeared ebook cover web 285Later this week, the ebook price of The Disappeared, the very first novel in the Retrieval Artist series, the one that explains how the now-infamous Miles Flint became a Retrieval Artist in the first place, will drop to 99 cents for a very limited time. This is the lowest we have ever dropped the price of one of our novels, so if you haven’t read this book before, now’s the time to grab a copy. The price will revert to its regular $5.99 next Wednesday.

Here’s the synopsis for this Endeavor Award-winning novel:

In a universe where humans and aliens have formed a loose government called the Earth Alliance, treaties guarantee that humans are subject to alien laws when on alien soil. But alien laws often make no sense, and the punishments vary from loss of life to loss of a first-born child.

Now three cases have collided: a stolen spaceyacht filled with dead bodies, two kidnapped human children, and a human woman on the run, trying to Disappear to avoid alien prosecution. Flint must enforce the law—giving the children to aliens, solving the murders, and arresting the woman for trying to save her own life. But how is a man supposed to enforce laws that are unjust? How can he sacrifice innocents to a system he’s not sure he believes in? How can Miles Flint do the right thing in a universe where the right thing is very, very wrong?

If you haven’t yet been enticed into Retrieval Artist Universe, now’s the time to find out why io9 calls Miles Flint one of “the top ten greatest science fiction detectives of all time and Booklist says: “Rusch has created an entertaining blend of mystery and sf, a solid police drama that asks hard questions about what justice between cultures, and even species, really is.”

So, mark your calendar for Wednesday this week (when the price should have dropped at most e-retailers) and Wednesday next week (when the proverbial ship will have sailed for this deal).

A great read and a great deal. What’s better than that?

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.