I have an exciting new project to tell you about this week. The multitalented Leah Cutter of Knotted Road Press (and popular Fiction River author) curated the premiere bundle for a new ebook bundling service called BundleRabbit, which was developed by another multitalented Fiction River author (and software developer): Chuck Heintzelman.

First, a word about BundleRabbit:

BundleRabbit is a DIY ebook bundling service, which enables curators to follow their own vision and create uniquely themed bundles. Bundles often are groups of ebooks by multiple authors, but BundleRabbit even allows single-author bundles.

It’s a very cool new concept we’ve been following since its inception, and I’m thrilled to have two WMG books in the very first bundle!

Speaking of the bundle, here’s more information on it:

This is a bundle of stories that take place in the middle of things. Some are about characters who are also in novels. Some are the stories that happen between the novels. Others are more thematic, stories that take place in between major world events.

These stories are also of middling length—greater than 10,000 words, shorter than 35,000. There isn’t a single genre here. There’s science fiction. Fantasy. Superheroes. Young adult romance. The authors are also widely varied, with newcomers as well as USA Today and New York Times best sellers.

Heaven Painted as a Cop Car ebook cover web 284As I said, WMG has two books in this bundle. The first is Dean Wesley Smith’s Heaven Painted as a Cop Car, which is part of his Ghost of a Chance series. Here’s the synopsis:

Eve Bryson died and found herself dead and lusting after a cop?

And not just any cop. Deputy McCall Cascade: Superhero.

Can a ghost and a superhero find true happiness and sex and stop a few killers along the way?

USA Today bestselling writer brings you the fourth book in the crazy Ghost of a Chance series. 

The second is The Possession of Paavo Deshin, a Retrieval Artist novella by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Here’s the synopsis:

All of his short life, Paavo Deshin has seen ghosts. The same two ghosts who have now approached him on the school playground, ghosts who look older and actually smell bad. Paavo’s cry for help brings the authorities, a few lawyers, and Retrieval Artist Miles Flint, who learns some secrets about the ghosts—and about Paavo’s parents. This short standalone science fiction novel in the Retrieval Artist series received a Special Mention from the prestigious international UPC contest.

Now is a great time to try these series or books if you haven’t read them. To check out the bundle, click here.

And if you purchase all of the books in the bundle, you’ll get a free book courtesy of Kobo. How cool is that?

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.