June is a very popular month for weddings. It has been ever since the Roman days, apparently, so we’re talking long-standing tradition.

How appropriate for our first June release, then, that we have a book about weddings—well, kind of.

Dead Hand ebook cover lighter web 284Leave it to Dean Wesley Smith to turn a romantic event into the inspiration for a murder mystery. How? Well, check out the synopsis for Dean’s latest Cold Poker Gang Mystery, Dead Hand:

More than two hundred couples get married in Las Vegas every day. And some people just go missing right before their planned wedding.

Some show up later. Some are never found.

The Cold Poker Gang decides to look into an old cold case of a woman who went missing right before her wedding. What they dig up shocks the entire city to the core. And exposes the dirty side of an industry beyond the roses and cake and white dresses.

Another twisted mystery from USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith.

Dead Hand releases tomorrow in ebook and paperback. You can buy it here.

The Scottish Play ebook cover web 284But that’s not the only news I have for you. Launching today is a short fiction bundle from BundleRabbit called Fantasy in the City. We’ve included Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s “The Scottish Play” in this one, which has a minimum price of $2.99 for 20 —yes, 20—stories.

Here’s more on the bundle:

What if magic were right in front of you every day, but hidden from your sight?

For all you know, it is.

Maybe the reason you love the tasty creations from the nearby chocolate shop is that one of the ingredients is magic.

Perhaps some of the dreadlocks of the beautiful young girl you saw at the grocery store are snakes, not hair.

The woman you just passed on the street appeared to be on her cell phone, but she might really be speaking with a ghost.

How do you know for sure?

Witches. Ghosts. Faeries. Monsters. Magic…

Enter twenty different worlds, each with a different flavor of magic.

This bundle contains 20 urban fantasy stories about hidden magic in everyday life.

No shortage of new fiction opportunities to take advantage of this summer. So, grab your sunscreen and get reading.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.