I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of books inspiring movies. Or TV shows. But what about books inspiring other books.

Well, that’s kind of what happened with our latest release. Naturally, it’s by the ever-innovative Dean Wesley Smith.

Stories from July ebook cover web 284As you might recall, Dean likes to challenge himself with his writing. First, he challenged himself to write a novel in ten days, which he did (while simultaneously writing the corresponding nonfiction book, How to Write a Novel in Ten Days).

Then, he challenged himself to write a short story a day for a month. That turned into the book Stories from July, the nonfiction book How to Write Fiction Sales Copy, and 31 individual short stories, all of which are now available for sale in their own right.

And now, we have the result of Dean’s latest challenge: The Idanha Hotel. He wrote this one in seven days, along with the nonfiction book, Writing a Novel in Seven Days, which is already available for sale.

Whew! I’m exhausted just writing that. How does he do it? (That was actually a rhetorical question. You can, and should, read how he does it in Writing a Novel in Seven Days. It’s pretty amazing stuff.)

The Idanha Hotel ebook cover web 284But this blog is about The Idanha Hotel. So, here’s what you can look forward to in the next Thunder Mountain novel:

1902: Boise, Idaho. Megan Taber loves her job baking at the Idanha Hotel. Widowed young, she knows the rest of her life revolves around her baking.

Carol Kogan, a doctor and researcher from the future, eats breakfast every morning at the Idanha Hotel just for Megan’s fresh bread. Until one fine May morning in 1902, when Carol meets Megan outside the hotel. Before they finish their conversation, Megan collapses from a massive heart attack.

Carol knows saving Megan with 1902 medicine would prove impossible. But saving her with future medicine might prove even more dangerous—for both of them.

A twisted, heart-wrenching addition to the acclaimed Thunder Mountain series.

The Idanha Hotel releases tomorrow in ebook and trade paperback. So, get reading. Because you know Dean will have something new any minute now <g>.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.