This week’s Publisher’s Note is all about giving thanks. To all of you who contributed to our recent we are humbled and amazed by your support.

We set a goal of $5,000. The project not only funded, but it raised an incredible $31,115!

Not only does this allow us to continue publishing Fiction River and Fiction River Presents, but because we reached all four of our stretch goals (and then some!), we will be producing three new books in these lines.

Those books will allow us to experiment with some volumes of both Fiction River and Fiction River Presents. Thanks to your support, we will publish:

Fiction River Presents: Readers’ Choice—This volume will be comprised of previously published Fiction River stories chosen by our readers. I can’t wait to see what some of their favorite stories are.

Fiction River Presents: Writers Without Borders—This volume will be comprised of previously published Fiction River stories from our authors living outside the United States. These authors provide a vital international perspective to Fiction River.

Fiction River: Special Saves—This is a volume we’ve wanted to do almost since we conceived of Fiction River. Give each editor a chance to save one story that they really wanted to publish, but which just didn’t fit into their anthology for one reason or another. Building an anthology is a complicated process, and sometimes we must reject stories we love. This volume will give some of those beloved stories a home.

Let me say this again. The success of this Kickstarter, the viability of these new projects, the success of Fiction River itself is due to the amazing readers and authors we call part of the Fiction River family. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

And now, a video from Dean, Kris and me to tell you thank you in person (sort of).

Once again, thank you!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.