We’ve had very strange weather this year. Winter was grayer and rainier than usual (and that’s saying something for the Oregon Coast). Spring has yet to really make an appearance. And some days, the weather is just plain weird.

For example, last week we had a winter-like wind and rain storm one day and the next we had sun, then rain, then hail, then sun. The latter reminded me of a Midwest summer day—except for the temperature, which remained in the low 50s.

I love living on the Oregon Coast, but I must admit that this winter has been trying. I need sun. And warmth. And probably a lot of Vitamin D.

But since I have a child in school and can’t exactly pop off to Hawaii right now, I thought I’d find a book to talk about that had something warm or sunny in the title.

Thank goodness for Dean Wesley Smith’s novel Warm Springs, from his Thunder Mountain series. Here’s the synopsis:

Belle returns to her old hometown, looking for clues as to what happened to her great-great-grandmother a hundred years in the past.

Zane, on a secret mission into the past, never expects to meet the woman of his dreams.

A complex time travel novel that explores alternate realities, a future no one wants to face, and sets the Thunder Mountain universe going into the future.

The sixth standalone novel in the popular Thunder Mountain series.

Not only does this book have warm in the title, but it also has spring. And thunder reminds me of summer. Call it my version of the anti-rain dance. Maybe if I chant Warm Springs over and over the weather will turn.

Here’s hoping.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer.