I’ve talked a lot about how inspired I am by all the creative connecting I’m seeing during this pandemic. It’s truly heartening.

The latest example was a virtual pancake breakfast held by my Kiwanis Club this past weekend. Because we couldn’t hold our regular annual pancake breakfast (scheduled for Saturday, April 25), one of our Kiwanians organized a virtual event where we all cooked pancakes at home and posted pictures of them. It was awesome!

Here’s a picture of Nola serving me my pancakes (made by my equally awesome husband).

And while she was serving up pancakes, WMG is serving up more great deals to keep you entertained while most of us continue to shelter at home (breakfast not included, unfortunately <grin>).

First up, Dean Wesley Smith’s Cold Poker Gang series is on sale, and that includes his newest release, Ring Game.

Here’s the synopsis:

Turns out retired Las Vegas Detectives Benson Cavanaugh and Bonnie State enjoy working together, even after years of working alone. And on their second time to a Cold Poker Gang Task Force meeting, they take home not only an impossible forty-year-old cold case murder to solve, but a family of cats.

Slowly, detail by detail, Bonnie and Cavanaugh piece together what happened to not only their original murder victim, but to other victims over the years.

A twisted mystery of the good in the world colliding with the bad. And, of course, cats. Lots of cats.

All of the novels in this series are $3.99 in ebook for a limited time (except the first in the series, Kill Game, which is free).

Check out the whole series here.

Speaking of series on sale, we’ve also put Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Diving series on sale for a limited time. Diving into the Wreck, the first novel in the series is free. The ebooks for the rest of the novels in the eight-novel series are $2.99 each, and the four novellas are $1.99 each. These half-price or better deals end April 30, so act fast!

Check out the whole series here.

We’re also in our final days of the Writing Bundles Kickstarter. We have only a week or so left on this Kickstarter to bundle our popular WMG Writer’s Guides to give our readers the best value on these books yet! Rewards start at just $5, and we’ve already reached our second stretch goal, which adds three additional products to your reward, so there’s huge value in this one! Don’t miss it.

Click here to learn all about these great rewards.

Wishing you a safe week, perhaps filled with pancakes!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.