Not too surprisingly, games have gained in popularity since the pandemic started. That’s certainly true in my house. We’ve been playing quite a bit of Clue, in fact. Nola, as you might have gathered from past blogs, likes crime scene investigation and whodunits.

Games, especially physical-product games like card-and-dice games, are a godsend right now because they don’t involve a screen to interact with each other. It’s a nice break from that useful but sometimes overwhelming technology.

And because WMG is always looking for new ways to entertain our readers, we got together with Catalyst Game Labs to see what we could create as a new reward for The Return of Boss Kickstarter, which ends Thursday.

The result: a card-and-dice game based on the first few books in Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s bestselling Diving series.

Here’s more about Diving into the Wreck, An Encounters Game from Catalyst Game Labs:

Boss Needs Your Help!

Gear up, check your lines, and prepare to descend into the latest wreck discovered by Boss and her crew of salvage experts. Build resources, explore lost ships and abandoned space stations, and hopefully escape with something more than your lives.

A cooperative push-your-luck encounters game. Players use a set of six dice to defeat a “storyline” of Challenge cards, hoping to discover deeper secrets as they go. Accrue and spend resources, watch each other’s back, and solve each phase in time to escape the final challenge.

Fifty-five cards; 6 dice; 1 rules sheet. Heroics not included.

The game will retail from Catalyst for $11.95, but you can get it through the Kickstarter campaign for only $10. You can get it with both new Diving series books, or add it to any other reward for $10, or buy five games at a time to give as gifts.

Click here to learn more.

If you’ve ever wished you could join Boss’ crew, now you can! And don’t forget to see what else is new in the Kickstarter while you’re there. We’ve hit several stretch goals, so the value of the rewards is better than ever.

Dive on in!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.

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