My ten-year-old daughter went to school again last week for the first time in almost a year. She was a bit nervous (we’ve been very open about the science of everything) but so very excited to see her friends and classmates again—well, the half that are in her cohort for hybrid learning, anyway—even though she knew it would not be the same as pre-pandemic school. I was equal parts hopeful and terrified (that science thing again…).

Even though I’ve obviously been living through this pandemic, it’s hard to track with a world where my child goes to school in a mask, with half the students in the classroom and half on a TV screen, where she can’t get within six feet of friends she hasn’t seen in almost a year—let alone hug them as she so desperately wants to do.

But this is where we are. And it’s progress. Good progress, despite my initial reservations.

Baby steps. Or, in this case, child steps.

There’s a light waaaay at the end of the tunnel now. But we’ve still got a fair way to go.

Which is why WMG is holding another workshop sale to help our writers further their craft and their career goals from the safety of their homes.

It is, appropriately, the Back to School—Again sale!

Now through 5 p.m. PST Thursday, March 4, every WMG Publishing workshop, lecture, pop-up, class, or subscription on Teachable will be HALF PRICE! That even includes the brand-new Collection Classes.

Click here to read all the details on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog. Dean, as you know if you’ve taken any of our workshops, is the mastermind behind the WMG Workshops.

So, stock up on workshops and lectures to get you through the coming months, and make 2021 even better.

Or even grab one of the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions for half price and really commit to learning and writing!

The coupon code to get anything on WMG’s Teachable at half price now through 5 p.m. PST Thursday, March 4, is:


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And have fun learning—again!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.