This has been/will be a busy couple of weeks in my household.

My daughter’s 11th birthday fell over the weekend, and to make up for the fact that we’re still in a pandemic and she can’t gather with friends inside (and we live on the rainy Oregon Coast, so gathering outside in June is not a good idea…), it was a Mommy and Nola weekend. She got to pick the menu for the whole weekend. She got to open presents early and on her birthday. We got a custom bakery cake. We had movie night and did our nails and did basically whatever she wanted all weekend.

Because she is 11, she thought this was the best birthday ever. And I’m thankful we did it this way, because in a couple of years, I doubt a weekend with her parents would count as a banner birthday celebration <grin>.

And tomorrow is her last day of the weirdest school year on record. So, last week they did spirit week, which included twin day, favorite character day (she went as Star Butterfly) and pajama day. And this week her teacher has special movie events planned to help the year come to a close.

I fervently hope that by September, we are in a place where kids can get back to a more normal school year. I’m optimistic that will happen. It looks like vaccines for the under-12 crowd could be approved by September. Cases are falling (at least at the moment). Vaccination rates for Oregon are approaching 70 percent. Data show that some cities (San Francisco and Seattle, for example) seem to be hitting herd immunity.

We seem to be pulling out of this finally. I won’t really be able to breathe a sigh of relief or feel like some semblance of normalcy has returned until my daughter is vaccinated, but for us adults, life is entering a new normal.

Take our offices at WMG. I am proud to say that the staff is 100 percent fully vaccinated. As are all staff spouses. As such, we can now be inside with each other—maskless! That has been fantastic.

All this good news is what prompted us to be able to announce our last half-off workshop sale. That’s right. The very last one.

This is the very last 50%-off sale on everything on Teachable. Every WMG Publishing Workshop, Lecture, Pop-Up, Class, or Subscription on Teachable is half price!

Got to the WMG Teachable page and click on “view all products.“ Then find the course you would like to buy and hit purchase. On the top of the next page there is a place to put in the code:


But you’ll want to hurry. Not only is this the last time we’re doing one of these sales, but you only have a couple more days to take advantage of it.

Just like Nola’s last day of school is coming up this week, The Last Sale ends on Thursday.

Click here to learn more.

I think we’re finally seeing an end to pandemic-oriented learning. But I can’t wait to see what opportunities for learning will open up in the coming months.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.