Today, the old Beach Boys song keeps playing itself in my head, the one about having fun in a T-bird.

I have no intention of deconstructing the lyrics, (even though my eyebrows go up when “she” got her daddy’s car and the girls all hate her, and the guys try to chase her but they can’t catch her) because who cares? The tune itself, but also the rebel-girl quality of the lyrics, perfectly capture the carefree summers of my T-birdless youth. I spent those long empty July days not cruising California beaches, but riding my bike around the small Indiana town I grew up in, and out into the countryside thick with cornfields, smelling the clover and watching for fireflies in the gloaming. And yes it was fun and free and happy, even though I was no Indy-500 driver.

But the song came into my head today as I was making a video for WMG’s current Kickstarter campaign promoting editor and writer Dean Wesley Smith’s Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription drive. Why? Because I was having fun! The video is silly and fun and hopefully captures some of the Pulphouse spirit.

Watch the video, or just hop on over to the Kickstarter page and check out all the terrific bonus books and workshops you get when you subscribe to the magazine.

Get your subscription so you can still have fun, fun, fun, even if your dad takes your T-bird away.

Gwyneth Gibby is associate publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, a filmmaker, and former Hoosier.