We did some minor remodeling last week. At least, it was supposed to be minor. Home improvement project never turn out to be as minor as they should be, I’ve learned. Especially in older homes.

What was supposed to happen was the replacement of our kitchen sink and faucet, as well as the addition of an under-sink water purifier.

That all did happen, but for a while, it looked like we were in for a very expensive complication.

Once the old sink was pulled out, we discovered dry rot in the counter. As we figured out a plan to address that (without replacing the counter), we also discovered that the new sink (despite having the same dimensions as the old sink) didn’t fit into the hole. Different attachment system (who knew?). But that dry rot meant simply cutting a bigger hole was a real challenge. The plumber wasn’t entirely sure what to do (other than get a new counter), so I called in a neighbor friend from down the street who I knew had the tools and carpentry skills to problem-solve. What he didn’t have, it turns out, was the people skills to work with the plumber.

Meanwhile, I didn’t have the coping skills (bad news from the vet, but that’s another story), so my poor husband, who had just arrived home from an appointment, walked into a real mess. Normally, I’m the one to handle these situations (years of apprenticing my stepfather in his handyman business come in, well, handy), but not that day.

So, off to work I went and left the men to sort things out. I guess I missed quite the show. The plumber almost walked out. The neighbor did walk out. And John, who does not tolerate drama, cut the hole himself.

When I came home, we had a pretty new sink and faucet. And I didn’t need to order a new counter. Sometimes, the best way to manage a situation you’re struggling with is to recognize that you can’t manage it.

Writers face this all the time. A million hurdles can come between a writer and their writing.

That’s why WMG offers so many courses to help writers recognize those hurdles, and even more importantly, overcome them.

As I mentioned last week, we have the most extensive offering of online writing workshops available anywhere. And you only have a few days left to get everything we have available on Teachable is half price! That’s right: all classes, workshops, lectures, pop-ups, subscriptions, challenges…everything!

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Now, I can’t guarantee you won’t find more issues than you expected when you start delving into your writing blocks, but WMG’s Teachable provides all the tools you need to fix them. No plumbers necessary.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.