It’s been a busy year for WMG Publishing! While we added to some of our most popular and familiar publications and series, we also launched a whole bunch of new ventures.

We ran eight Kickstarters, all of which funded, most of them within an hour of launch. And we published more than a dozen books as a result of those Kickstarters, including two books in award-winning author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s fan-favorite and bestselling Diving series. Those were The Court-Martial of the Renegat Renegades and Ivory Trees

Another successful Kickstarter produced a new novel, Case Card, and a short story collection, Action, in bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith’s hugely popular Cold Poker Gang Mystery series.

We had the annual subscription drive for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, which was not only successful but also marked the change from six issues a year to monthly! The first monthly issues featured new works from Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Pulphouse regular Annie Reed. Upcoming featured authors include Scott Edelman and Kevin J. Anderson. If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s not too late! Click here.

In January we participated in Kickstarter’s Make 100 projects with our third Make 100. We started with Colliding Worlds, 120 sf stories in six volumes in 2021; followed that up with Crimes Collide, 100 mystery stories in 2022; and in 2023 we did Fantasies Collide, 100 fantasy stories. Each series has five volumes (with the exception of Colliding Worlds, which has six) and fifty stories each by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch in every volume. 

And we’re planning a new Make 100 project this January! This time, it’s all about Romance…

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith curated five StoryBundles in 2023, everything from Fantasy/Steampunk, to Cattitude, to Halloween and finally Good Cheer this Christmas holiday season. In addition, in June Kris curated The Write Stuff StoryBundle, and out of that we published the 21st WMG Writer’s Guide, Kris’s How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions, the following month.

All of the above-mentioned books and magazines are now available in our new online stores. Designed and put together by our brilliant new Advertising & Accounts Executive, Stephanie Writt, these stores offer all of our publications plus some very cool new merchandise—direct to the reader with no vendors such as Amazon or Apple or Barnes & Noble involved. We can give our readers and subscribers all kinds of discounts and bargains!

In total the four stores have more than 1,000 items for sale, including ebooks and fun things such as mugs and calendars, sweatshirts and blankets, and much, much more. Paperbacks are coming soon! 

The Mothership at has all things WMG. OK, we are still adding some of the hundreds of individual short stories we publish, but we’re nearly there. With the scores of stories by Kris and Dean, it’s been an exciting challenge to get everything listed!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine has its own store now, too, with all of the issues of the current iteration of the magazine, plus all of the Pulphouse books and tons of fun merchandise.

The Diving Universe also has its own store, with all the novels and novellas, as well as cool mugs and sweatshirts and calendars and other fan fave merchandise.

Our fourth store to launch is the WMG Holiday Spectacular. It has all the themed anthologies from our very first Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories in 2019 through the 2022 anthologies, plus the mega-compilation volumes with every story from every year. There are lots of beautiful holiday items from cozy blankets to mugs for hot beverages to coasters and pillows, all with classic holiday art from the wonderful Giordano Studios. We just wrapped up the 2023 WMG Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories today, but if you missed it, you can preorder the annual compilation, which will release in July.



Dean and Kris continue to expand the workshop offerings for writers on Teachable. They started several new series in 2023 including Motivational Mondays, The Decade Ahead, a virtual course where participants could attend the Licensing Expo with Dean as guide, courses such as the Indie Writer’s Guide to Shopify that includes weekly Zoom meetings, courses on creating merchandise for your fans—and lots more.

Very exciting courses and challenges for writers, and there’s lots coming in 2024, including the return of the Anthology Workshop!

So, it’s been a super busy year at WMG Publishing, with lots of new books, products, stores, workshops and magazines!

We wish you all a Happy New Year, and we look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead!