Awww, for goodness….




*TAP* *TAP* *TAP* 

There we go!

I think I’m coming in….

Arg! No color, accept for that righteously horrible green.


The andro-coupling must have jimmied out from underneath the Barklavian fish-tank that caused the resonating…

Oh right, hi! That’s me…sort of.

I obviously need more time to hacksaw this configuration into shape.

And I am waaaaaay out here in…well, we’ll get to that later.

While I strain all my ample abilities into shaping up some sort of coherent transmission relay, please let me send you to some truly fine places to start!!

(…and that hopefully have a color variation a little more pleasant than the awkward side of gross.)

This KICKSTARTER launches tomorrow at noon! And it looks super cool…if you like copious amounts of dark and strange, with an occasional dash of humor and a bit of the absurd.

Take it for a test run and see if it interests your fancy!

I like giving gifts. Here is one of the stories for you for free! Sent with joy…

CLICK ABOVE to go to your BRYANT STREET story gift

I’ll see you next week!

And hopefully you will see me!!!