This Sounds Really Familiar…

You know the feeling when you’re reading along on a book and you just know what’s going to happen. Like, yeah did I already read this?

But you know it’s a new book! Just came out. 

You pop online and doublecheck. Even scramble around in the beginning pages to find that copyright page. 

Yep. Brand new book.

But I swear I’ve read this before!

What just happened? OK, You either just:

  • Finished the book, got your noggin’ hit, selectively forgot your hours of previous new book interaction and just blissfully picked it up again (about as likely as beautiful toe fungus).
  • Or you have picked up a (bad) book where the author has committed one of these three heinous anti-reader crimes:
    • Gotcha! You’ve Just Been (Poorly) Troped
    • I Shall Trap You In A White Room and You Will Like It!
    • I Want to Be One of the Cool People, too!

I shall go into each of these is delicious depth, plus how to avoid bad books before you plunk down your money!

So come hang out with me on the MOTHERSHIP blog over the next couple weeks as I go into each of them. 

In the meantime…

A Great Story Series for those who like the THE TWILIGHT ZONE…

Bryant Street Kickstarter

  • Do you like:
    • Dark and Strange Stories?

Then welcome to Bryant Street! 


Bryant Street, a standard subdivision street outside of any city. Well-kept lawns, paint and roofs up to HOA standards, two- or three-car garages. 

Everything looks to any casual observer perfect and normal.  

But inside those perfect-looking homes, the residents seem just a little off. A little twisted or confused or a half-turn out of reality.  

Normal exists on other subdivision streets, but never on Bryant Street.  

Check out the BRYANT STREET Kickstarter!