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Aliens Among Us:
Stories from Pulphouse Fiction Magazine

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith

Where can you find stories that serve up not only high-quality fiction, but stories also just a little off? Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, of course!

And wow do aliens bring out the “Pulphouse factor” in writers. This volume contains the best alien stories from Pulphouse in the first ten issues. It also includes a special treat: a story from Pulphouse editor Dean Wesley Smith. These alien stories just go way off the beam, and we do mean way off, so far off, the beam seems too far off to see.

So sit back and enjoy some of the best and strangest alien stories from the pages of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

“Planet Suds and the Sockpocalypse” by Lisa Silverthorne
“Human Subjects” by Ray Vukcevich
“No Common Scents” by Jim Gotaas
“Suicide by UFO” by Jerry Oltion
“Another Door” by Annie Reed
“The Injustice Collector” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“My Socks Rolled Down” by Dean Wesley Smith
“Alien Automotive” by Kent Patterson
“The Time Cop” by Patrick Alan Mammay
“Blackbeard’s Aliens” by Robert Jeschonek


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