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Bundle on Productivity: A WMG Writer’s Guide

Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith

All writers face obstacles to their productivity—sometimes physical, sometimes mental, sometimes both.

In this WMG Writer’s Guide Bundle on Productivity, New York Times bestselling authors and renowned business bloggers Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith share their personal journeys to help guide writers to overcome these obstacles and reach their goals.

In Writing with Chronic Illness, Rusch offers words of wisdom for writers who suffer from chronic illnesses and who want to keep working, to improve their craft and spread their creative wings.

In How to Write a Novel in Ten Days, Smith aims to once and for all shatter the myth that writing fast equals writing badly—or, conversely, writing well equals writing slowly—while taking readers on a journey that demonstrates that writing fast, and writing well, come from motivation and practice.

In Writing a Novel in Five Days While Traveling, Smith gives an intimate day-to-day, minute-by-minute account of how he wrote a full novel in five days while traveling, including tips on how to prepare for the writing as well as what to do when the trip gets in the way.

In Writing a Novel in Seven Days, Smith chronicles his process chapter-by-chapter toward writing a 43,000-word novel in just seven days. He writes about his progress, his feelings about the project, and how he approaches and overcomes obstacles.

“[Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog,] The Business Rusch…is full of sound advice and analysis about what’s going on.”
—Jeff Baker, The Oregonian 

“Dean Wesley Smith’s blog gives both a slightly different view of the publishing world than I’d seen before and detailed hands-on ‘here’s how to get from A to B’ instruction.”
— Erin M. Hartshorn, Vision: A Resource for Writers

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