The Fates Trilogy:
A Fates Universe Omnibus

Kristine Grayson

With her series of magical romances, Kristine Grayson has carved out her own special and unique place in the romance genre.
—RT Book Reviews

In Kristine Grayson’s popular romantic trilogy, the women in charge of True Love, The Fates, anger Zeus—who hates True Love. So he deposes them and replaces them with his teenage daughters. That puts love—and life—in jeopardy.

No worries. The Kinneally siblings will save them.

The Kineallys—a comic book collector, an accountant, and a psychologist— all have magic but don’t realize it. Together, they must find their magic to save the Fates and find love, one couple at a time.

Simply Irresistible

The Fates, three women who control the magical universe, got fired. On the run and searching for help, they find Vivian Kineally, who loves comic books and also happens to be psychic.

Dexter Grant, the inspiration for the greatest superhero of all time runs a pet store in Portland, Oregon. He calls himself a Kitten Superhero because he saves stray animals. But he aspires to something greater.

The Fates steer Vivian to Dexter so together they can save the Fates—and deal with true love all at the same time.

Praise for Simply Irresistible:

“Zany and over-the-top, this playful novel is a delight.”—Publishers Weekly

“Simply Irresistible lives up to its name! Vivian and Dexter are a delight and true soulmates. Danger, humor, and passion are all here and in full force.”—RT Book Review Top Pick

Absolutely Captivated

Strange things start to happen to Travers Kinneally: First, his sister asks him to drive three strange women to Las Vegas. The women, whom he calls the Wyrd Sisters, seem to attract every weird thing to them.

The Fates need to find a detective named Zoe Sinclair. Travers expects to find an 80-year-old woman. Instead, he finds the most beautiful woman imaginable.

Zoe ends up helping them—not just because of the magic, but because of Travers himself. Handsome, smart, and in trouble, the kind of trouble that can get a savvy detective killed. Or kissed.

Praise for Absolutely Captivated:

“Grayson has created a world that is so rich and humorous, it is sure to provide the basis for many more novels.”—RT Book Reviews

“For a book that’s magical, in more ways than one, be sure to pick up Absolutely Captivated.” —Romance Review Today

“Fans of fantasy romance will find Absolutely Captivated simply irresistible.”— Barnes & Noble 

Totally Spellbound

Child psychologist Megan Kinneally answers an urgent message from her brother Travers: Come to Las Vegas immediately. On the drive through the desert, she sees a handsome man with a falcon and dismisses him as a dream.

Rob Chapeau, aka Robin Hood (yes, the Robin Hood), made a mistake. He let one of the most beautiful women in the world see him hunting fake rabbits in the desert with his very real falcon. Rob still mourns the death of his true love eight centuries before. But Megan Kinneally brings him out of mourning. Her magic the strongest magic of all—and she enchants him.

Megan and Rob must save her family and rescue the Fates. And maybe find true love on a journey into the depths of Las Vegas, where the Faerie Kings rule and emotions vanish.

Praise for Totally Spellbound

“Rounding out her Fates trilogy, the spellbinding Grayson again gives readers their money’s worth by taking the familiar and turning it on its ear, with humor and charm.”—RT Book Reviews

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