Fiction River

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Fiction River: Chances

Edited by Denise Little & Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Lovers take chances. History and literature both bubble over with stories of chances and mischances, of love lost as often as love won, and even of wars launched in retaliation for stolen chances and illicit rendezvous.

The stories in this volume tug at the heartstrings and tease the brain. In each of them, two fascinating people throw themselves against the whims of fate in order to find a way to live happily ever after.

Baked with Love by Annie Reed
An Ocean of Secrets in Her Eyes by Dayle A. Dermatis
Twice Told Tales by Loren L. Coleman
Sprinters by Michael D. Britton
On Thin Ice by Daphne Crowe
Trail Run by Katie Pressa
Gun Running on Vacation by Stefon Mears
Burned Out Souls by Michael Warren Lucas
Fog and Memory by Michele Dean
Reunion by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“…a nice, enjoyable collection of ghost stories that are a perfect fit for the season.”
—Adventures Fantastic on Fiction River: Christmas Ghosts


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