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Fiction River
Fiction River Presents

Available in:
ebook, $5.99
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ISBN 978-1561467518

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Fiction River Presents: Debut Writers Showcase

Edited by: Allyson Longueira

From baking a magical love spell to having the opportunity to rectify a mistake from the past to hunting a serial killer, Debut Writers’ Showcase highlights stories from Fiction River’s first year that marked a first professional sale for these up-and-coming authors. Since first appearing in a volume of Fiction River, these authors have gone on to sell more stories, build their fan bases and win awards. These first stories mark the perfect way to start this brand-new Fiction River line.

Table of Contents:

True Calling Irette Y. Patterson
A Taste of Joie De Vivre Kellen Knolan
Flight of Little Bird Stephanie Writt
Staying Afloat Angela Penrose
Love in the Time of Dust and Venom Sharon Joss
This Time, I Return for Good Michael Robert Thomas
Unstuck D.K. Holmberg
The Highlight of a Life Jeffrey A. Ballard
Rationing Karen Fonville
Gas, Tan, Video  M. Elizabeth Castle
 Jokers  M. Elizabeth Castle

The Fiction River series is a wonderful mind-expanding read…

Astro Guyz