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Retrieval Artist
Science Fiction, Thriller

Available in:
ebook, $4.99
Trade paperback, $12.99
ISBN 978-1561467693

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Inhuman Garbage

A Retrieval Artist Universe Novella

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Years before the Anniversary Day crisis, Armstrong Police Detective Noelle DeRicci investigates a body dumped in a compost bin.

But what seems like a regular murder case suddenly puts everyone she knows at risk.

And it poses a very political question: How far should she push for the rights of clones?

Winner of the 2015 Asimov’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Novella.

“Inhuman Garbage,” first published in Asimov’s, appears in a different form in Book Seven of the Anniversary Day Saga, Starbase Human.

We get some surprising revelations in a story rich with intrigue mixed with science fiction and police procedural. Rusch is so good at this sort of thing. This will be on my Hugo Short List for Novella next year.

Sam Tomaino, SF Revu