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Fiction River Presents: Mysterious Women

Edited by Gwyneth Gibby

There are many kinds of mysterious women, both in life and in fiction. Fiction River Presents: Mysterious Women plucks some of the most intriguing, compelling, and sometimes dangerous female characters from the pages of Fiction River and collects them in one volume.

These women fight back against oppression and injustice, help each other when no other help can be found, and undergo transformations from hopelessness into beacons of light for others to follow. They also entertain the reader with their own personal mysteries.

What happened to make them break out of the traditional bonds of womanhood? Why do they take such risks? What makes them tick?

These eight superb writers tackle those questions and more in this outstanding volume.

“Plan B” by Kate Wilhelm
“China Moll” by Cindie Geddes
“On the Edge of the Nations” by Dan C. Duval
“These Boots Were Made for Murder” by Julie Hyzy
“Mercy Find Me” by Diana Deverell
“Mechanical Advantage” by Eric Kent Edstrom
“Wheel of Fortune” by Steve Hockensmith
“The Monster in our Midst” by Kris Nelscott

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