Poker Boy

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Playing a Hunch: A Poker Boy Collection

Dean Wesley Smith

Poker Boy works as a superhero for Stan, the God of Poker.

Poker Boy’s unique talents—a keen sense for danger and a remarkable ability to read people—allow him to help those in need. He also asks a lot of stupid questions.

But sometimes stupid questions lead to the only answer that will save the day.

In this collection, Poker Boy tackles some tasks that would stump any ordinary superhero.

He helps rescue another superhero from himself; helps a poker player learn that most important of skills—patience; discovers what’s behind the bad poker playing of the Idiot Boy; travels to the Library of Atlantis to get the answer to a stupid question that demands an answer; and tempts fate by asking where the gods came from in the first place.

No ordinary superhero, Poker Boy saves the world one humorous story at a time.


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