Promise in the Gold: A Cave Creek Anthology

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith

Cave Creek, Nevada—Where the Unexpected Meets the Real World

Strange, unexplained events long plagued residents of Cave Creek, a former mining town nestled in a hidden canyon north of Las Vegas.

In two previous anthologies, Bitter Mountain Moonlight and Open Ended Threat, the stories recount the past and present of the mythical Cave Creek, where portals to other timelines open and then disappear in the desert and rocks around the town.

Promise in the Gold takes the reader into the future, where people who slip through the portals create new timelines—and past, present, and future cross paths in some very weird and sometimes scary ways.

“Echoes” by Caleb Monroe
“A Mother’s Protection” by Deb Miller
“Raven’s Many Shadows” by Kate Pavelle
“In Search of Historical Truths” by Céline Malgen
“Searching for Dave” by Richard Freeborn
“Second Youth” by Rebecca M. Senese
“Finding Mercury” by Judy Lunsford
“Buster” by Teresa Gaskins

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