The Seeders Universe
Science Fiction

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Rescue Two:
A Seeders Universe Novel

Dean Wesley Smith

From acclaimed Star Trek writer Dean Wesley Smith comes Rescue Two, the latest novel in the Seeders Universe—a space opera series that offers a vision of hope for humanity in dark times.

In deep space, bubbles of void space form to keep a balance between matter, space, and time. Inside these bubbles, time barely exists. Five days for a ship trapped in a bubble might be equal to millions of years in real time.

For seven million years, Seeders did not know these bubbles existed and ships kept just vanishing until Chairman Evan West discovered the Void Space Bubbles and learned how to free trapped ships.

Now Chairman West, his wife Tammy, and the thirty-five-thousand crew of the Rescue Two must find and free the ancient Seeder ships.

A galaxy-spanning rescue mission like no other before it.

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