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The Santa Series

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The Santa Series

Three Stories of Magical Holiday Romance

Kristine Grayson


Kristine Grayson’s popular Santa Series—Up on the Rooftop, Visions of Sugar Plums and Dressed in Holiday Style—together in one volume.

The magic of Christmas takes a lot to pull off, even for Santa. Enter the elves and humans of Claus & Company, who help Santa make the big day happen.

But any time an elf or member of Santa’s family walks among the mortals of the Greater World, risk follows. The risk of discovery. The risk of failure. And most of all, the risk of falling in love.

Bestselling author Kristine Grayson makes Christmas magic with these three stories of holiday romance—no mistletoe required.

Kristine Grayson gives ‘happily ever after’ her own unique twist!

<i>—Kasey Michaels</i>