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Faerie Justice

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ISBN 978-0615819259

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A Faerie Justice Novella

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

When Robert Cooper first sees Nathalie Renard, he finds himself drawn to her. She seems ethereal, magical. And when he finally meets her, he finds her even more beguiling.

But Robert has a job to do, and Nathalie seems the best candidate from the Paris Telephone Exchange to hire as a translator.

As the Allied governments move forward with their plan to put the surviving Nazis on trial, however, Nathalie’s view of justice begins to worry Robert. Can he trust her to do the job? Or is her reason for taking it in the first place darker than he imagines?

Rusch excels at the novella length and this is no exception. The genre element is in many ways a small part of this story. It is more a viewing of a very important time in world history, with fantastic overtones. It questions whether the lawful method of jurisprudence is either hopeful or self-serving.
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