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Smith’s Monthly: Issue #64

Dean Wesley Smith

This 64th issue of Smith’s Monthly contains more than seventy-six thousand words of fiction from USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith, including The Slots of Saturn, a Poker Boy novel, in which Poker Boy meets the love of his life and then must save all of gambling, and more than fifty lives, from the evil ghost slots. And not get killed in the process. But first, he forms the team of superheroes and gods that will save the world many times over in the coming years.

So also included is a collection of Dean’s Poker Boy stories, Playing a Hunch.

There’s more! Four new short stories from some of Dean’s most popular series: “Enjoying the Company,” a Bryant Street Story; “Passing in Time,” a Thunder Mountain time travel story; “Can’t Go Home,” a Sky Tate story; and “No Firing Squad Yet,” a Marble Grant story.

Hours and hours of entertaining reading!

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