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Smith’s Monthly: Issue #65

Dean Wesley Smith

This 65th issue of Smith’s Monthly contains almost eighty thousand words of fiction from USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith, including The Poker Chip, the Ghost of a Chance series origin novel, in which, just fifteen minutes after Dr. Jewel Kelly meets Deputy Sheriff Tommy Ralston, they both die. They simply become ghosts, hanging around their own death scene in the mountains of Montana, waiting for something to happen. But even as ghosts they find each other still really attractive, and in the afterlife their jobs helping people seem to be just as important as before they died.

Also included is a collection of six of Dean’s wacked-out crime stories, Weird Crime.

But that’s not all! There are four new short stories from some of Dean’s most popular series: “A Lack of Tomorrow,” a Bryant Street Story; “Yesterday’s Cold Grave,” a Thunder Mountain time travel story; “Age Might Be a Number,” a Poker Boy story; and “A Big Twisted Plot,” a Marble Grant story.

Hours and hours of entertaining reading!

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