The Seeders Universe
Science Fiction

Available in:
ebook, $4.99
Trade paperback, $14.99
ISBN 978-1-56146-771-6

Star Fall:
A Seeders Universe Novel

Dean Wesley Smith

USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith returns to his fan-favorite Seeder’s Universe series with a seventh novel, Star Fall.

Seeders never do anything in a small way, including their sports. Matt and Carey, the chairmen of the Starburst ship Star Fall started a yearly relay race from the very front of their ship to the tail and back again. An extreme relay of over nine thousand kilometers run by ten-member teams.

But before the race could start, a scout ship vanishes inside a shielded galaxy. Who could put a shield around an entire galaxy? And why?

A galaxy-spanning tale of adventure, suspense, and the vast possibilities of space.

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