Retrieval Artist
Science fiction

Available in:
ebook, $3.99
Trade paperback, $14.99
ISBN 978-0615458564

The Disappeared: A Retrieval Artist Novel

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

In a universe where humans and aliens have formed a loose government called the Earth Alliance, treaties guarantee that humans are subject to alien laws when on alien soil. But alien laws often make no sense, and the punishments vary from loss of life to loss of a first-born child.

Now three cases have collided: a stolen spaceyacht filled with dead bodies, two kidnapped human children, and a human woman on the run, trying to Disappear to avoid alien prosecution. Flint must enforce the law—giving the children to aliens, solving the murders, and arresting the woman for trying to save her own life. But how is a man supposed to enforce laws that are unjust? How can he sacrifice innocents to a system he’s not sure he believes in? How can Miles Flint do the right thing in a universe where the right thing is very, very wrong?

This Endeavor Award-winning novel is Flint’s first adventure, the story that turns him from a police detective in the Armstrong Dome on the Moon into a Retrieval Artist.

“Rusch has created an entertaining blend of mystery and sf, a solid police drama that asks  hard questions about what justice between cultures, and even species, really is.”

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