The Santa Series
Holiday Stories

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Kristine Grayson

Dallas Demaris unites magic with technology. She specializes in computers. But when her company orders her to go to the North Pole to help Claus & Company fix their outmoded computer system, she goes grudgingly.

Dallas hates how Santa runs his business, and she tells everyone, including Lothario Johanssen, the handsome man who invented the machine that runs the North Pole.

Lothario dedicates his long life to the machine. He knows the system better than anyone—including Dallas.

But what if Dallas discovers something that Lothario missed? Can they find a way to work together to fix the critical machine before December, before its malfunction ruins Christmas for millions of children?

Kristine Grayson once again brings romance and fantasy together as only she can do.

Grayson’s clever, humor-tinged writing is absolutely delightful.


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