Spade/Paladin Conundrums

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Unity Con:
A Spade/Paladin Conundrum

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

When Paladin calls Secret Master of Fandom and private detective Spade and asks him to come to a new con he swore he’d never attend, he agrees. Because he can’t say no to Paladin.

But what Spade finds when he arrives at the con makes him immediately regret the decision.

A dead writer. Missing money. Organizers at each other’s throats.

Spade wonders if saving the con will prove impossible. But he vows to try. For Paladin. And for the future of the fannish community he loves so much.

“This series is a fun glimpse into the world of science fiction fandom.”
—Gumshoes, Gats, and Gams

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