Holiday Anthology Series

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Winter Holidays: A Holiday Anthology

Edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Winter holidays mean lights, decorations, and delicious food. They bring about a sense of joy and a giving spirit that seems more abundant than at other times of the year.

This anthology holds a Hanukkah story, two stories about the solstice and two about some lesser-known holidays. Two authors made up their own holidays, and three looked at what people who don’t celebrate do during the holiday season.

With so many creative ways to celebrate, this volume will surely lift the spirits.

“Star Shower” by CJ Erick
“Winter Pariah” by Michèle Laframboise
“The Real Housewitches of Calafia County” by Dayle A. Dermatis
“The Year That Went into Extra Innings” by Brigid Collins & Ron Collins
“Christmas, Translated” by C.H. Hung
“A True Family Holiday” by Jason Adams
“The Miracle of the Lights” by Leah R. Cutter
“Everflame Gifts” by Ezekiel James Boston
“The Ten Days of Newtonmas” by Ron Collins
“Operation AngelCam” by Kate Pavelle
“Virginia’s Last Old Christmas Eve” by Kari Kilgore

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