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Science fiction

Available in:
ebook, $2.99

Worlds Enough…And Time

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Whenever things get rough, Roxanne escapes to other worlds. She has a talent that skips generations, a talent that no one else believes exists. Except her granddaughter Marissa, who exhibits the same talent.

Marissa, who can open windows to other worlds with the movement of a finger.

Roxanne wants to train Marissa to live with her talent, but the rest of the family wants to stop her. They’re afraid Marissa will end up like Roxanne, difficult, unreachable, distant. They’re afraid Marissa will not survive Roxanne’s training—or her love.

“Kristine Kathryn Rusch may be one of the most sure-footed authors in science fiction, never straying from the path of good story-telling as she dissects her characters and their situations for the reader’s benefit.”

<i>Science Fiction Weekly</i>