You won’t find the Garden Lounge anywhere along Highway 101, or any other road, for that matter. The only way in is through another dimension. Fortunately, author Dean Wesley Smith knows the route well. He unlocks the old wooden door and invites you to a place where the only boundaries are that of imagination.

Have a look around. Notice the four special drinking glasses with names etched on them.  The hanging fern that manages to stay alive in a place with no windows.  And don’t forget the old Wurlitzer jukebox.  Stout only plugs it in on Christmas Eve because the music machine is too dangerous otherwise.

It’s a time-traveling jukebox whose songs can help someone fix old problems as well as create new ones.

This week you can listen to Jukebox Gifts and find out about the names on the four glasses or try The Ghost of the Garden Lounge for a shiver to two. Next week, we’ll be releasing Our Slaying Song Tonight.  Here’s a sample.

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Welcome to the Garden Lounge.