What happens in a secluded location where the occasional passerby might catch a strange sound or two?

Peeking won’t help.

Oh, and no batsuits are involved.

Give up?

It’s the in-the-works production of the audiobook version Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds. (I know what you were thinking and we’re not going there…)

The making of an audiobook can be a strange and solitary thing what with the need for a dead room and a distinct lack of plosives. Don’t know a plosive from a pineapple? Try on a few for size (hint: they start with p.) Penelope Potter pimps puppies on the plaza. Priscilla piles pizzas on Paul. Pansies pale in the… okay, I’ll stop.

Fortunately, Fiction River will not be the work of a single narrator. We’ve got a full cast busy voicing the twelve wonderful stories that make up the first volume and hope you’ll give us a listen.

Meanwhile, we thought you might enjoy some of the, um… more creative… moments from the studio. No ears were harmed and there may have been some gargling of honey bears. If you really want to—go ahead and wear your batsuit while you listen—but only if you promise to send pictures.

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