Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Diving Series has long had a huge fan following. In fact, just last year 606 backers pledged $22,299 in a Kickstarter to allow us to run all of the Diving Series books into hardcover.

Well, the final deliverable for that Kickstarter ships out this week, and the final book related to that project releases tomorrow.

Escaping Amnthra further explains a story that began many years ago with the release of an early Diving novella, The Spires of Denon. Since my start with WMG in 2012, The Spires of Denon stood alone in the Diving Universe. It was related, but we didn’t know how (mainly because Kris didn’t yet know how, because her writing brain likes to do things out of order). So, we included the novella at the end of the series order reading list.

But it’s last no longer. With the release of The Renegat, we got our first glimpse of how The Spires of Denon fit into the universe. And now, Escaping Amnthra continues the story begun in The Spires of Denon, but from an off-planet perspective. Here’s the synopsis:

When the captain and senior crew abandon the Renegat, linguist Raina Serpell assumes command. She needs to get the ship and remaining crew home.

As the ship comes under attack from the planet below, Raina must first figure out how to operate the ship’s firepower. Harder still, she must battle her own past to become captain in more than just name alone.

A gripping, fast-paced read. Award-winning Kristine Kathryn Rusch working at the top of her form.

Escaping Amnthra officially releases on Tuesday, but you can preorder the book in ebook, trade paperback, hardcover, and audiobook here.

And although we didn’t include a hardcover version of Escaping Amnthra in the original rewards, I created one anyway to make sure our readers could have a full set of all available Diving books to date. Anyone who selected the rewards for the full set of Diving books in paperback or hardcover will get those same editions of Escaping Amnthra on the house.

You couldn’t pick a better series to dive into!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.