Last Friday, I celebrated my ninth workiversary as the publisher/CEO of WMG Publishing. Wow, have we grown in that time!

The company has changed and evolved over the years, too, as companies are wont to do. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to being the Home of Great Fiction (and great nonfiction, too)! Our inventory contains almost 800 titles in a variety of formats, including ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, and audiobooks.

We also now have a number of anthology projects and collections, including Fiction River, Fiction River Presents, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Smith’s Monthly, and The Year of the Cat, with more to come this year.

Plus, we’ve reprinted some of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s and Dean Wesley Smith’s classic series and novels as well as new ones. And sometimes, we don’t even realize we’ve got a new series in the works until we’re a few stories in.

That’s the case with Kris’ newest series, Wyrd Sisters, which as of today now has three short stories, with more to come.

We published the first, “The Scottish Play,” back in 2013 in Fiction River: Hex in the City. The second, “The Streets Where We Live,” published in 2015, as part of an Uncollected Anthology project. The third story, “Puckish Behavior,” appeared in Fiction River: Superstitious in 2019.

But I didn’t identify the series as such until we were about to release “Puckish Behavior” as a standalone story recently. If you recall from last week’s blog, I had brain surgery in 2019. If I read this story then, it got lost in one of the memory gaps from that time.

When I read it last month, however, I immediately recognized the Wyrd Sisters. I love their stories, and I was thrilled to put these together into a branded series (because I have a hunch we’ll be seeing more from the Wyrd Sisters in the future).

If you haven’t read a Wyrd Sisters story yet, now is the perfect time. Kris is offering “Puckish Behavior” as her Free Fiction Monday story this week.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Noah Whitestone approaches Portia with a problem, she considers it with skepticism.

Portia solves theatrical problems with her two sisters. Magical theatrical problems.

But the Whitestones’ problem proves particularly tricky. To solve it, Portia and her sisters must risk not only themselves but also a lot of innocent lives.

Originally written for the Fiction River anthology Superstitious, “Puckish Behavior” continues the Wyrd Sisters’ adventures by putting a new twist on a theatrical legend everyone thinks they know.

You can read it free this week here or buy it here.

And check out the other two stories on the WMG Wyrd Sisters series page here.

It’s been a weird year-plus. Here’s your chance to dive into a good kind of weird.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.